Amplify your local community to a global platform.
StartupBus connects talents across the continent, acting as a cultural and intellectual exchange on wheels while democratizing the tech playing field.
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10 years of fostering the next generation of leaders in tech.

On our tenth anniversary we are running 9 bus routes to bring 200 top talents in tech from all across North America to New Orleans this Summer.

Developing skills required in the first year of a startup within 5 days.

Heralded as the “Navy SEALS boot camp for tech entrepreneurs”, contestants ideate, prototype, build, and launch working products and pitch to real investors and advisors.

Connecting diverse talents across America.

We expose emerging innovators to unique places and scenarios, widening their mindsets, expanding their social and cultural capital, and pushing them to challenge their biases and stereotypical thinking.

A global network of successful and venture-backed founders.

Our global network of tech entrepreneurs span across the globe from Austin TX to Tallinn, Estonia. have since formed companies altogether raising over $1 billion in venture capital funding.

Why partner with StartupBus?

10 years in the making, StartupBus is a gathering of diverse multi-discipinary talents with an authentic brand well-cherished by the tech startup and hackathon communities. There is nothing quite like StartupBus in the tech world.

Our Brand.

Globally respected and extensively documented by the tech community, our brand is authentic, grassroots, and edgy.

Our Talents.

Your brand can have the complete attention of our vetted, proven, and exclusive community of talents for entirety of 5 days.

Our Diversity.

Thanks to our diversity initiatives, 40%+ of our participants and our team in 2018 were women, and 40%+ were people of color.

Our Curriculum.

Help your employees gain new valuable skills such as product ideation, rapid prototyping, and familiarity with the latest tech.

Our Alumni.

Your brand can reach our exclusive community of proven talents and hyper-connected tech influencers, many of them founders of successful startups.

Our Audiences.

We are connected with many local tech communities across the continent, and have fans and media outlets following our event.

We create real social impact.

Over the past decade, we had partnered with many organizations from local tech communities and accelerators to economic development corporations and city councils. Here are some of our biggest impact:

Our buses have stopped by numerous cities and worked with many local tech organizations across the continent.

Word on the street.

Partnership Opportunities.

Every year, StartupBus brings together talents from across the continent to see the world and expand their visions. Make your region and community be part of the conversation. Contact our team today to see how we can help make your local community better.

There are many ways we can partner to bring positive social change, such as:

Reach out to us today.

Our team here is excited to bring StartupBus to your town. Looking forward to talk to you soon!

A stunning photo of Elias Bizannes

Elias Bizannes

Founder 2010 - present
NA Conductor 2010
EU Conductor 2011
AU Conductor 2014

A stunning photo of Madelena Mak

Madelena Mak

NA Senior Director 2019 - present
ABP Creator 2019
NA National Director 2018
NY Lead Conductor 2017
NY Buspreneur 2014

A stunning photo of Colleen Wong

Colleen Wong

NA National Director 2019 - present
ABP Creator 2019
WB Lead Conductor 2018
NY Buspreneur 2017

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About StartupBus.

StartupBus is a tech entrepreneurship boot camp and global championship on wheels.

We disrupt the status quo by fostering the next generation of leaders in tech and bridging the tech gap across continents.

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Email us at directors@startupbus.com.