Day 1: Formation.

As the bus departs your city and goes on the highway, everyone gets 90 seconds to pitch themselves, as well as the idea they would like to pursue.

Teams and ideas will be formed. You will start to figure out your roles in your teams and what to work on. You will start to figure out your role in this new world.

Your first idea may not be the grand vision. Take the time to validate the idea.


Day 2: Iteration.

Your team will continue to iterate and work on your product. Are you checking off all the tasks in your task list and in the StartupBus Game?

You'll see startups having trouble defining their vision and mission, while other startups are moving fast and are doing customer validation during the stops.

We’ll be hitting all the raddest hot spots and tech shops as we make our way, where buses from every corner of the continent will converge in the quest for StartupBus glory.


Day 3: Traction.

It's the last 24 hours on the road... but it sure feels like 3 years had passed.

Sleep deprivation is kicking in. Some riders are getting tired of their own pitch while others keep on iterating to find something that sticks.

Influencers need to get the word out and put the product out into potential users' hands. Developers and designers are working non-stop on getting their prototypes to work on their mobile phones or in the cloud.


Day 4: Qualification.

Teams will present to the qualification round judges to be qualified for the semi-finals. This will be the toughest startup competition ever - we will make sure you get your pitch down, and we will grill you on your code and design.

Before or after you are done with your presentations, you are encouraged to reach out in the business districts in the city to look for users, as well as to attend any appointments you may have scheduled beforehand with local businesses.


Day 5: Conference + Demo Day.

This is the day of the final showdown. Get ready for two more rounds of judges.

Throughout the day you will get to learn from other founders and alumni who had embarked the same journey you had, and you may get a chance to interact with our panel of all-star judges comprised on top leaders in tech and investors.


Day 6 and Beyond: Decompression.

Regardless of whether you win the competition or not, this is only the very first step in their long journey ahead in the world of startups.

Bring your new knowledge and bravery to your new startup, or your old job, or your community. Let’s celebrate our newfound friendship and newfound selves!

Even though it's a goodbye, the buspreneurs now become part of a global network of thousands of StartupBus alumni that have gone on to change the world.

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