Are You Crazy Enough

to jump on a bus, conceive, build and launch a startup with a team of strangers in 72 hours ?

  • Empowering the people who can disrupt the status quo for a higher quality life for us all

    Empowering people

    StartupBus produces the most intense startup competition in the world, where top talent compete as ‘buspreneurs’ to build the next generation of technology companies over the course of a 3-day bus ride.

    StartupBus is building an entrepreneurial ecosystem through unique experiences and inspirational connections, where each year and all over the world, change-makers get the chance to prove their entrepreneurship skills.

    Not just an event, the annual competition also acts as a feeder and initiation rite for those joining the StartupBus community.

    "Entrepreneurship can’t be taught but we think it can be learned."

    Past & Upcoming Editions

    "Opportunities are like buses. There's always a new one coming."

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    Be part of a vibrant worldwide community

    Now numbering over 1000 people, this informal network of people have gone onto live together, party together, and co-found companies that have raised millions in funding and worth many more.

    You’ll be joining a life long community of kick-arse people that live in all corners of the world.