Welcome to the Quest.

Hello, brave one.

StartupBus is not for everyone. StartupBus is only for the best hackers, designers, and influencers who have the most potential to become great founders and entrepreneurs.

In order to prove that you've got the skills and an open mind, there are 3 rounds of the application process ahead waiting for you.

Shall we get started for your Round One? Here we go.

Round I: The Journey Begins.

1. Pick your bus.

2. What's your second choice?

In case the bus of your first choice is full, which bus would you pick?

3. Enter your Invite Code.

Don't have one? Use "IReallyWannaRide!" as the Invite Code.


Are you ready? Press START!

About StartupBus

StartupBus believes that entrepreneurship can't be taught but it can be learned through unique experiences.

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