Become a conductor.

Become a legend.

You may have heard these famous stories before.

Once upon a time, Brandon rode on the StartupBus and became very excited about helping out the next year, and so he became a conductor of the Silicon Valley bus. While he was conducting, he recruited and met a fellow partcipant named Max. They became fast friends on the bus. Max went on and conducted the bus the year after, and the legacy continued.

Brandon and Max then founded a company that helped people get groceries. They went on and raised more than $800 million dollars in funding. They called that company Instacart.

And these aren't coincidences. There are many other similar stories of how conductors led the next generation of leaders in tech, and then went on and changed the entire industry themselves.

Will you be the next conductor?

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Benefits of a Conductor.

A kickass regional leader.

Become the leader within the tech community in your region and organize events on behalf of StartupBus for your bus, our alumni network, and your potential Buspreneur applicants.

Comprehensive training.

Receive comprehensive training from the directors of the competition, and make sure you have all that you need to run a successful bus. Reach out to previous conductors, directors, and alumni for advices on how to build the best bus.

Love from your whole bus.

Being the leadership figure of your own bus is no easy task. After the trip, you will gain a whole bus of entrepreneur who respects your efforts and becomes your friends for life.

Access to Regional Alumni.

Get complete access to all the alumni within your region through our mailing lists, Facebook groups, and more.

And of course...

You'll get to ride the bus on the dream route that you organized, with all the awesome people that you've met!


Here are some of the work that a Conductor does.

Reach out to local meetups and press in order to recruit the next riders.

Mentor the riders and help the teams win the competition!

Connect with local organizations and secure sponsorship funding.

Manage the budget of the bus running from your region.

Plan the route for the bus during the competition.


In order to become a conductor, you MUST...

Have ridden the StartupBus at least once before. If you haven't ridden one before, apply for the next StartupBus competition before it's too late!

Be available during the trip, during the weekly meetings in the 3 months leading to the competition, as well as monthly meetings before then.

And a PLUS if you...

Have a great network of and access to sponsors.

Have previously mentored in a tech-related program.

Are you ready for the next level?

We are ready for you. Rise up to your next level, and sign up to become the next conductor of your region with the form here.

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