What do you get when you put 30 strangers on a bus and give them 72 hours to conceive, build and launch a startup?

The ride of a lifetime.

This summer the best and the brightest will come together to compete in the most epic competition the Americas has ever seen – combing the magic of a hackathon and a road trip to create the ultimate adventure on wheels.

For the 9th year in a row, @TheStartupBus will depart from New York City and go head to head with buses from 9 other cities to see who can create the most innovative business. Once we arrive in New Orleans, you’ll get the chance to make your final pitch to kickass StartupBus alumni and incredible judges that we’ll be bringing in.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it, the ride to New Orleans will be tough. We’ll be stopping in cities all over the US and we’re not going to tell you what they are. You’re not going to get much sleep and you may have to fight people off to charge your devices. You’ll be pushed past your limits and will go through all the feels. But it’ll be worth it when you find greatness on the other side.

We can promise you that the few, the proud, the brave who are selected to join our elite crew will leave with the experience of a lifetime, a new group of best friends/business partners, a whole new view of what’s possible and plenty of tales from the trenches.

So what are you waiting for? Apply Now for the chance to join the most exclusive community in tech and see if you have what it takes to hit the pedal to the metal.

See you on the other side!

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The StartupBus New York Crew

Previous Crew Members

A stunning photo of Madelena Mak

Madelena Mak

National Director - 2018
Lead Conductor - 2017
Buspreneur - 2014

A stunning photo of Alice Ng

Alice Ng

Head of Event Production - 2018
Conductor - 2014

A stunning photo of Ajay Desai

Ajay Desai

Conductor - 2018
Conductor - 2017

A stunning photo of Colleen Lavin

Colleen Lavin

Conductor - 2018
Buspreneur - 2017

A stunning photo of Nick Persico

Nick Persico

Mentor - 2018
Mentor - 2017

A stunning photo of Prateek Gupta

Prateek Gupta

Mentor - 2018
Mentor - 2017
Conductor - 2016
Board Member - 2016
Conductor - 2014

A stunning photo of Donald Whyte

Donald Whyte

Conductor - 2016

A stunning photo of Laura Cartagena

Laura Cartagena

Conductor - 2016

A stunning photo of Jennifer Shaw

Jennifer Shaw

Conductor - 2015

A stunning photo of Edwin Rogers

Edwin Rogers

Conductor - 2015

A stunning photo of Jonathan Gottfried

Jonathan Gottfried

Judge - 2018
National Director - 2014
Conductor - 2013

A stunning photo of Andrew Pinzler

Andrew Pinzler

Judge - 2018
Director of Operations - 2014
Conductor - 2013

A stunning photo of Justin Isaf

Justin Isaf

Conductor - 2011

A stunning photo of Mike Caprio

Mike Caprio

Conductor - 2012

A stunning photo of Nate Cooper

Nate Cooper

Conductor - 2014

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