Greece enters the StartupBus Competition

The year 2014 is the first year Greece participated in the annual StartupBus competition. After years of crisis and austerity, three young Greek men under the leadership of a Belgian made the entrepreneurial spirits of Greece rise again. Oh, and did we mention that the founder of StartupBus, Elias Bizannes, is of Greek descent? As an Australian-born Greek who has inspired entrepreneurial activity from his base in Silicon Valley to the rest of the world, he was very excited that we brought the StartupBus spirit to a country that in his eyes needs inspiration to rebuild itself.

We have put around 25 highly specialised strangers on a bus for 72 hours, let the bus drive from Athens to Pioneers Festival in Vienna and in the mean time give those strangers the chance to build out the startup of their dreams. During this amazing road trip the teams of the Greek bus compete against each other and the teams on seven other buses.

We selected 22 buspreneurs (software developers, designers and business minds or as we call it: hackers, hipsters and hustlers) to build 6 kick-ass startups on the bus:

  1. Tripsleep: a GPS based alarm. Milestone road trip competition winner.
  2. GoTruck: Uber for long distance travel.
  3. HealthRate: rate and find the best healthcare providers in your area
  4. Xplory: gamifying cultural visits.
  5. Zumo: on-demand customer engagement. Winner of StartupBus Europe 2014.
  6. Mezo: content you want on the moment you want it.

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The StartupBus Greece Crew.

Previous Crew Members

A stunning photo of Steven Beeckman

Steven Beeckman

Board Member 2016
EU Regional Director 2016
BE Conductor 2015
EU Regional Director 2015
GR Conductor 2014
FR Conductor 2013

A stunning photo of Haris Ninios

Haris Ninios

GR Mentor 2014

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