The Belgian Connection

Back in 2011, the first edition of the StartupBus Europe competition was won by a part Belgian, part Dutch social travel startup called Wander. Now it is time for the first Belgian bus to participate in the competition against startups of other buses.

Belgium is one of those hidden gems. One of our countrymen founded Drupal/Acquia, another one ruled the Tour de France in the sixties. Oh, and we basically invented club culture. Not to mention the beer, waffles, mussels and the real french fries.

We are looking for the best developers, designers and hustlers who can build the first iteration of a world-changing product or service in 72 hours. And get traction for it! And pitch it on the stage on our global stage to our judges and investors!

While they’re building their startup they will get coached and learn how to validate their startup idea, how to prioritize what’s important for their MVP, how to pitch & sell and what their limits are.

Remember: StartupBus is not about business plans and magical predictions of the future (yow Dave McClure, we got this!). StartupBus is about getting you out of your comfort zone, about building something great and finding out if you can get customers for it!

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The StartupBus Belgium Crew.

Previous Crew Members

A stunning photo of Steven Beeckman

Steven Beeckman

Board Member 2016
EU Regional Director 2016
BE Conductor 2015
EU Regional Director 2015
GR Conductor 2014
FR Conductor 2013

A stunning photo of Ann Glorieus

Ann Glorieus

BE Conductor 2016
BE Producer 2015

A stunning photo of Lien van den Steen

Lien van den Steen

BE Conductor 2016

A stunning photo of Imteaz Ahamed

Imteaz Ahamed

BE Mentor 2016
AU Conductor 2015
AU Buspreneur 2014

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