$1 Billion.

Since starting their entrepreneurship journey on the StartupBus, our alumni has built amazing startups, with $1 billion raised altogether and notable acquisitions by Andreessen Horowitz, Microsoft, Facebook, and the New York Times.

True Stories of Lives Transformed.

Jon Gottfried

Co-Founder of Major League Hacking

StartupBus is based on community and there are a lot of things I learned there about how to build a tight-knit group of people and I utilize that skill at MLH.

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Marianne Bellotti

Co-Founder of ExVersion

Normally building out your network takes months, possibly years of small meetings and run-ins. You can’t just get introduced to someone and immediately ask for a favor and expect that to go well. It takes time to develop the trust and familiarity that makes a connection really valuable.

On the bus though, all of that is accelerated.

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Rodney Williams

Co-Founder of LISNR

Chris and I got on the bus and shared our idea for LISNR. When we were done, the top engineers and creatives there wanted to work with us. That initial group launched us into LISNR’s first success at a pitch competition - once we arrived at SXSW, we pitched LISNR officially and blew the audience away.

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