Payd helps freelancers create simple escrow requests so they can stop chasing unpaid contracts and simply get payd.

Our Vision.

We want to help the growing number of freelancers get paid what they deserve.

How we came up with the idea.

We\'re both freelancers and know what it\'s like to struggle with collecting payments.

What we accomplished in 72 hours.

We've talked with over 30 freelancers outside the bus and talked with numerous executives in the payments and escrow industry. We created landing pages, designs, and a web platform. More than 20 people have already signed up to get early access and are ready to pay 5% per transaction.

The Bus.

  • Detroit
  • St. Louis
  • The Team.

  • Kyle Marvin
  • Wes Wagner
  • Our Dream Investor.

  • Paul Singh

  • About StartupBus

    StartupBus believes that entrepreneurship can't be taught but it can be learned through unique experiences.

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    Email us at directors@startupbus.com.